Israel Rejects Ceasefire Proposal, Threatens to Occupy Rafah

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Unacceptable Ceasefire Terms

Ceasefire Proposal: According to an official source, the Israeli government has deemed the ceasefire proposal unacceptable. This comes after Hamas announced its acceptance of the proposal, which outlines a three-phase process.

Phase 1

  • Temporary ceasefire
  • Withdrawal of the Israeli army from certain areas
  • Return of Gazans to their homes
  • Delivery of relief goods
  • Exchange of a certain number of hostages and prisoners

Phase 2

  • Release of all hostages
  • Permanent ceasefire

Phase 3

  • Measures to rebuild Gaza
  • Lifting of Gaza blockade

Hamas’ “Trick” and Israel’s Response: Ceasefire Proposal

A senior Israeli official accused Hamas of agreeing to a “soft Egyptian proposal” that Israel does not accept, calling it a “trick to rendering.” The official stated:

“The proposal that Hamas has agreed to is different from what we have agreed to. There is a trick to rendering. Hamas has agreed to a soft Egyptian proposal that Israel does not accept. The proposal includes major concessions that Tel Aviv cannot accept.”

Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has called for an immediate occupation of Rafah in response to Hamas’ moves. He wrote on Twitter:

“The only answer to Hamas’ tricks and games is to seize Rafah immediately and completely defeat Hamas.”

Hamas’ Stance and Proposed Prisoner Exchange

A Hamas official claimed that the group agreed to the proposed ceasefire after mediators responded to their raised issues. Sources revealed that the first phase included the release of 33 Israeli female hostages in exchange for 800 to 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

The second phase envisages the release of all Israeli hostages in exchange for a set number of Palestinian prisoners, while the third phase involves the exchange of bodies and remains of hostages and prisoners.

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Reconstruction and Shelter for the Displaced

According to the agreement’s third phase, the reconstruction of Gaza and the sheltering of displaced persons would commence.

As tensions escalate, Israel’s rejection of the ceasefire proposal and threat to occupy Rafah have raised concerns about further escalation in the region.

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