Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Rahul Gandhi’s Bold Statements Ahead

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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 approach, the political atmosphere in Delhi is heating up. With the sixth phase of voting imminent, the All India Alliance seems to be gaining favour among the electorate. On May 23, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made headlines with his passionate speech at a public meeting in Dilshad Garden, where he supported Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate from the Northeast Delhi Lok Sabha seat.

Protecting the Constitution: A Central Election Theme

Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the primary battle in this election is to safeguard the Indian constitution. He declared, “Crores of people of India are standing, the Congress party is standing. See what happens if you dare attempt to change the constitution.” The Congress party’s commitment to preserving constitutional values and opposing attempts to undermine them is made clear by this statement.

Criticism of PM Narendra Modi


Gandhi did not hold back in his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He referenced Modi’s statements about being sent by a divine entity. This contrasts┬áit with a hypothetical scenario involving Kanhaiya Kumar. “If Kanhaiya tells me that I am not biological, I am sent by Paramatma, then I will say, brother, don’t say that out. But Modi ji says I am not biological, I am sent by Paramatma. If someone walks by and says, we’ll say you go do your job and let us do ours, but PM’s spoons woah at such a thing.” He also criticized the government’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the initiative to play thali and light torches when people were suffering.

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The Agniveer Scheme: A Controversial Issue

One of the most striking parts of Gandhi’s speech was his vehement opposition to the Agniveer scheme. He declared that if the Congress government came to power, they would “tear it down and throw it in the trash.” Gandhi argued that the scheme was against the interests of the army and was implemented by Narendra Modi, not by military officials. This strong stance highlights a significant policy difference between the Congress party and the current administration.

Focus on Social Welfare: The Mahalakshmi Yojana

Rahul Gandhi also touched upon the Congress party’s plans for social welfare, particularly the Mahalakshmi Yojana. He announced that after June 4, when the India Alliance government is formed, all families below the poverty line will be listed. “The names of millions of people will come. After that, they will select one woman from each family in whose account 8500 rupees will be transferred on July 4. We’ll keep crediting women’s accounts with 8,500 rupees each month. In this program, the Congress party hopes to its dedication to social justice and economic empowerment by assisting women from low-income families.

Conclusion: Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Dilshad Garden effectively conveyed the vision of the Congress party. It critiques the existing government. Gandhi hopes to mobilize support and enact big changes if elected by making big promises and taking a firm stand on important topics. With each party trying to convince voters of their vision for India’s future, the political conversation is expected to heat up as the elections get near.

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